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William Bateson (1861-1926) was a biologist and evolutionary theorist who was best known in his time for rediscovering and defending the genetic paradigm of Gregor Mendel, with whom he collaborated on some projects. William Bateson also coined the term "genetics" in a letter to a colleague and friend, Adam Sedgwick, on April 18, 1905. If you peruse these archives, you also will find evidence of his systems thinking and pattern thinking around the turn of the century.




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Sketch of William Bateson from 1915
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  • The Bateson-Punnett Notebooks from the Archives at Cambridge University — includes: Poultry Notebooks, Dead Books, Rabbit Notebooks, and Sweet Pea Notebooks
  • Biography of William Bateson — information on a book by Donald Forsdyke, which includes information on Gregory, as well. SEE: the "Books about the Batesons" page under "Books" which in turn is under "Resources Index."
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