Photo Gallery Instructions

There are two easy ways to set up photo galleries on this site.

The first way uses Wikidot's built-in gallery module. However, the gallery does not provide for ordering of photos or for any kind of text labels for photos. See the example of Jeff Bloom's Gregory Bateson photos in this form. If you don't care about order or labels, you can use this option.

The second way uses an external service, Cincopa, to upload photos and place the gallery into our site. See the example of Jeff Bloom's Gregory Bateson photos in this form. This gallery allows for the ordering of photos and the labeling of photos.

Preparing Photos for Either Option

  • Photos should be saved as JPEG files.
  • Storage space on our site is limited. Keep photos sizes to no larger than 5"x7" (12.5 cm x 17.5 cm) or no larger than 350 kB (you may need to reduce the number of pixels to 100 to 200 dpi).
  • Keep a copy of your full size originals. We will come up with a system to store archives of these photos, as well.
  • MAKE SURE the NAME of your photo has no spaces in it. To be safe, use only letters, numbers, or hyphen.
  • Watermark your photos (highly recommended).
    • Although you can add "watermarks" (such as, "@ YourName") to each individual photo with most photo editing software, you may find it easier to use software, such as Pixillion, to create and automatically add watermarks to batches of photos.
    • Be sure to keep originals without watermarks.
  • Each gallery on the IBI Archive site should focus on a specific subject or theme and probably by individual photographer.
    • Keep all photos for a specific gallery in one folder, in order to make the process of setting up a gallery a little bit easier.

Setting Up a Page on Our Site for Either Option

The pages on this wiki site are organized by categories. These categories are not particularly visible to the user, but they help keep the internal structure organized.

For the photo pages, the category is "photos:". When you create a new page, you need to name the page. Enter the following as the page name — "photos: SubjectByYourName". The first part (photos:) is the category name. The second part is the actual page name. This page name should be unique, if possible.

The best way to create a page is to go to the index page. In the case of photos, go to the "Photos Index" page, linked on the left sidebar menu.

  • Click "Edit" at the bottom of the page.
  • Use the format of previous entries on this page and enter the link and name of your page on a new line:

* [[[photos:PhotoGalleryByYourName | Subject of Your New Gallery]]] -- by Your Name

  • This line of text will appear on the page as:
  • In the above code, the text between the [[[ and | is the link to the page you are creating. The text between the | and ]]] is the name of the link that will appear on the page.
  • Click "Save"
  • Click on your new link: [[[photos:PhotoGalleryByYourName | Subject of Your New Gallery]] , which appears as Subject of Your New Gallery.
  • You will get the following Error Message:

The page photos:photogallerybyyourname you want to access does not exist.
Create page

  • Click on the Create page link.
  • A new page window will appear. Change the title window text to a Title with spaces. It will appear as something like "PhotoGalleryByYourName" — Insert Spaces and Change Text, if you wish.
  • You can add "Photos by You" and any other information you wish to include about the gallery.
  • You will insert other coding and text depending upon which gallery you choose to use below the information you just entered.
  • Enter the following text, which should appear below your gallery:

Please contact the photographer through the site administrator ("Contact") for permissions to use photographs. Please include name of photographer, gallery name, and specific photo descriptions.
[[size 85%]]© year Your Name[[/size]]

  • At the bottom of the page, you may want to include a Comments section. To do so, enter the following:

+++ **COMMENTS:**
[[module Comments]]

  • These codes will result in the page looking something like this:


Using the Wikidot Gallery Module

  • Click on the "Files" button at the bottom of the page.
    • Follow the instructions to upload files (your photos) from your computer.
  • Click the "Edit" button and enter the following code below the text you have already entered on the page.

[[gallery size="150px"]]
: photo1.jpg
: photo2.jpg
: photo3.jpg
: photo4.jpg
: photo5.jpg
: photo6.jpg

  • Click "Save"

Using the Cincopa Gallery

  • Follow their steps to start and join the site (it's very easy).
  • Once you get to their set-up process, do the following for each step:
    • Select your skin.
      • Select the "skin" as shown in the picture, below.
        • CincopaSkin.jpg
    • Customize your skin.
      • Enter the name of your gallery.
      • Enter a short description of your gallery.
      • Select a maximum gallery width of 400 to 450 px (pixels). This provides a full view of photos on fairly small laptops.
      • Select your preferred transition (slide or fade). Either one if fine.
    • Upload media.
      • Drag and Drop multiple files or click their button to upload files. You get 5GB of data, which is a lot if you use fairly small JPEG files.
    • Add text.
      • Enter a caption for each photo. The "Description" box does not show on the skin we are using. So, enter a description (if you wish) after the caption in the "caption" box.
      • If you click on "More Options," you can enter additional information, links, and tags for each photo. Adding tags (one or two word descriptors) may be a good idea (I think there is an opportunity during set-up to add a tag for the entire gallery, as well.)
    • Embed Your Gallery
      • Click on the first window of code (under "FOR ANY OTHER SITE:")
      • If your computer has a select all command use it or highlight the entire code and COPY.
  • Go to the IBI Archive site and then to the page you've created for your gallery.
  • Click on the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the following in the "Edit the page" window:

++ **Photos by YOURNAME**


  • Your page will look something like this:

Photos by YOURNAME

These photos were taken at wherever during the summer of 1970.

  • Click on the "Save" Button at the bottom of the page.
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