The IBI Emphasizes Warm Data

Warm Data Labs & People Need People

"Information that does not take into account the full scope of interrelationality in a system is likely to inspire misguided decision-making, which compounds already “wicked” problems. Warm Data is not meant to replace or in any way diminish other data, but rather it is meant to keep data of certain sorts “warm” — with a nest of relations intact."

— Nora Bateson

In 2017, Nora Bateson began introducing and hosting Warm Data Labs (WDLs). After a couple years of learning from the process and then refining the approach, WDLs gained in popularity around the world. As a result, Nora began intensive training sessions for people who wanted to learn more about Batesonian ideas and to become certified as Warm Data Hosts. There are now hundreds of people worldwide who host, co-host, or continue to explore warm data in their everyday and professional lives. When the pandemic hit, what was thought to be an impossibility — doing virtual WDLs — began to take shape as what are now called People Need People or PNP series.

For more information on Warm Data, WDLs, and PNPs, visit the Warm Data website.

posted by Jeff Bloom

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