Jeff Bloom

Professor Emeritus, Science Education & Curriculum Studies, Northern Arizona University, USA, Canada

Jeff Bloom worked in marine ecology before entering into the field of education. He began teaching children in 1974 and earned his doctorate in 1987, at which point he began his career in teacher education. During the summer of 1975, he studied with Gregory Bateson during a 5-week live-in workshop on education. This experience with Gregory deeply affected his teaching, and research that began over a decade later.

Jeff’s early research examined children’s contexts of meaning and later children’s discourse as complex phenomena. More recently, he has examined meta-patterns as content, design, and research frameworks, as well as teaching, learning, and cognition as complex systems. Jeff has published two books: Creating a Classroom Community of Young Scientists (2 editions) and The Really Useful Elementary Science Book, as well as numerous journal articles and chapters in books. He has worked at Queens University (Canada), Acadia University (Canada), and Morgan State University (Maryland, USA).

Presently, Jeff is a professor emeritus of science education and curriculum studies at Northern Arizona University. He is transitioning to focus his research on complexity and education with the International Bateson Institute.


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