Tribute to Tobbe Jiredal

by Nora Bateson

Stockholm, Sweden

Torbjörn Jiredal — September 4, 1967- November 12, 2016


Those who knew Torbjörn knew a great man. We were fortunate to be close to him and to experience his humor and warmth, his curiosity and loyalty. Tobbe’s remarkable strength and generosity were as unique as his philosophical observations. He made the world make sense in unexpected wonderful ways. We are sad to say goodbye to our dear friend, brother, son, guru… But also we are smiling to think of him still questioning the universe somewhere. I can hear him now, quoting Carlos Castaneda:

"How can I know who I am, when I am all this?" he said, sweeping the surroundings with a gesture of his head. Then he glanced at me and smiled.”

Peace Dear Tobbe — we love you always.


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