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Biographical Sketch

Gregory Bateson (1904—1980) was born in England to William and Beatrice (Durham) Bateson.


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Audio Recordings

  • Parts and Metaphors — Gregory Bateson (this link takes you to an outside site: Naropa Archives)



  • Bateson, Gregory. (1978). Allegory. CoEvolution Quarterly, Spring: 44-46.
  • Bateson, Gregory. (1976). Orders of change. Loka 2: A Journal from Naropa Institute, pp. 59-63. Garden City, NY: Anchor/Doubleday.


  • Ruesch, Jurgen, & Bateson, Gregory. (1987/2008). Communication: The social matrix of psychiatry. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

Letters & Other Artifacts

  • "Paradigmatic Conservatism" — Gregory Bateson's last talk with his edits that was presented at Asilomar Conference Center on February 17, 1979.
Special Documents
  • Paradigmatic Conservatism
    • This document is a copy of a transcript of Gregory Bateson's address to a conference at Asilomar State Park Conference Center, February 17, 1979. This copy of the transcript contains the edits Gregory made to this printed copy prior to publication in the proceedings in Wilder-Mott, C. & Weakland, J. H. (1982). Rigor and imagination: Essays from the legacy of Gregory Bateson. New York: Praeger.

The hundred attendees at the 1979 conference in honor of Bateson participated in several intense days of academic exchange, culminating in a banquet to celebrate the guest of honor. The dinner preceded Bateson's keynote speech on "Paradigmatic Conservatism," which was to be the last major address of his life. Emotions were running high for all of the obvious reasons, heightened even more by the surprise arrival of charismatic Governor Jerry Brown shortly before dinner. He was among the five conference guests I asked to prepare a brief tribute to Bateson to deliver after the meal.

FROM: Carol Wilder's "Remembering Gregory Bateson" published in Kybernetes, 2013 — available on her site at:

Other Resources

Brand-II_Cybernetic_Fronter-cover.jpg Brand, Stewart. (1974). II Cybernetic frontiers: Both sides of the necessary paradox (Conversations with Gregory Bateson) & Fanatic life and symbolic death among the computer bums. New York: Random House.
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