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The Batesons

IBI Researchers

  • Graham Barnes
  • Jeffrey Bloom
  • Erik Graffman
  • Phillip Guddemi
  • Jesper Hoffmeyer
  • Howard Kornfeld
  • Stephen Nachmanovich
  • Rex Weyler

Selected Scholars Who Were Influenced by and Who Influenced the Batesons

  • Stewart Brand
  • Alfred Korzybski
  • Loris Malaguzzi
  • Bertrand Russell
  • Alfred North Whitehead

Selected Authors of Interest to Our Understandings of the Batesons

  • Mary Catherine Bateson (although Catherine is certainly part of the lineage of Batesons and has made significant contributions to Batesonian thinking, she has been dedicating her time to work on the other half of her lineage from Margaret Mead.)
  • Humberto Maturana
  • Francesco Varela
  • Tyler Volk
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