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Introduction to the IBI Archives

The International Bateson Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization focused on exploring possible solutions to some of our most pressing problems through approaches to research that are consistent with the nature of complex systems. The efforts of the institute are inspired by the work of William Bateson and his son, Gregory Bateson.

The International Bateson Institute, located in Stockholm Sweden, is dedicated to finding new ways of knowing and describing the intedependeicies of nature and society. Inspired by the legacy of generations of Batesons’ projects to study interaction within complex systems, the International Bateson Institute develops transcontextual research methodologies integrating ecology, economy, social change, health, education and art. The aim of this research is to increase our ability to take into account the patterns and processes in the relationships that coexist in and around all living systems. In addition to providing research, the findings of the International Bateson Institute projects are presented as artistic exhibitions to engage culture and education simultaneously in public spaces, for all ages.

This site serves as an archive of past and present research as communicated through various media, including text, music, video, art, audio, and so forth.

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Notable Batesons
Left to right: Patrick Bateson, Sahra Brubeck, Nora Bateson
Photo by Jeff Bloom, 2015/10/17

Some of the IBI researchers at Venice's Marco Polo Airport.
Left to right: Nora Bateson, Philip Guddemi, Torbjörn Jiredal, Graham Barnes, Rex Weyler, Stephen Nachmanovich
Photo by Jeff Bloom, 2014/12/9

Quote of the Moment:

“If you grow up, as we do, with a worship of the quantitative aspect and a minimal attention to the qualitative aspect, I believe you inevitably land yourself in the dilemmas of our civilization.”

Gregory Bateson
"Pragmatic Conservatism" in Rigor & Imagination: Essays from the Legacy of Gregory Bateson

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An Introduction to the International Bateson Institute — A Video

**Warm Data — by Nora Bateson

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